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Was Leute sagen, die mit mir gearbeitet haben

Ola Stenegard

DesignDirector Indian Motorcycles

Uta Bodenstein is an extraordinary person. And an extraordinary talented filmmaker. Uta has the eye. The eye for stuff that normal people don’t see. On the set she combines this with a contagious calm, ever smiling, invisible force that holds the whole set, crew and project together.Yet, she is one of the craziest women I know. Uta is versatile. She approaches her projects with great respect and curiosity. Committed is an understatement. I think nomatter who you ask that worked with Uta... you will receive a similar response as mine.

Karim A. Habib

Senior Vice President KIA Motors

I have had the privilege of working with Uta Bodenstein on many occasions. However challenging or whatever the conditions may be, Uta always shines through with an incredible sense of passion, dedication and determination. She has high expectations and demanding standards. She requires for herself and for her work simply the most professional results while retaining a deeply human sensibility for her work and in the relationship with her crew.

On any given occasion I would pick working with Uta over any other.

Peter Dannenberg

Founder Urban Motor

I met Uta under the relentlesly burning Spanish sun for filming - for five days I was allowed to observe with which creativity, curiosity and dedication this woman goes to work.

Chris Riley

Studio Riley

About "Soulfuel": I love this film.

Roland Sands

Founder Roland Sands Design

Yes Uta, you have done it! Even through the winging, sniveling, drinking, smoking and generally socially problematic Ninos Diabolicos, you have squeezed success from rotten fruit!

I really liked the part where David talks about our lives within boxes and Fred speaks of time losing control of us for a moment. It really drove home the personal attachment we all feel four our machines and riding.

The shots are epic, the mood and overall feel are not artificial. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this project.


YouTube Comment

Because of this fu**ing movie I bought that fu**ing bike.

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